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About Canvas Coat

A new interior canvas

CanvasCoat is a prefinished, UV-cured coated panel for interior graphics. Its scratch-resistant finish makes it ideal for walls in trafficable areas.

Blank Canvas – a new interior design template

Canvas is a new substrate and coating combination for interior designers and architects to apply any image or graphic concept. The digital print is protected from wear and tear using the same coating used on Hardiglaze for James Hardie and Fenta ceiling tiles – the durable, UV-cured Ultraglaze clear finish developed by Bates Surface Solutions.

Modular – prefinished for faster installation

Based on 1200mm wide fibre cement, MDF or other building panels, CanvasCoat’s factory coated, modular panels allow a fast and dust-free installation process. Install with any of the proprietary commercial wall panel fixings, such as Fastmount (www.fastmount.com) or Stickman by Plankwall (www.plankwall.co.nz).

Creative freedom – any graphics concept

Whether you need a reception feature wall or wayfinding graphics, simply supply us the artwork and specify the sheet modules (using 1200x2400mm sheets). Then our digital printing partner will price your image onto a chosen substrate before Bates Surfaces apply the protective coating in satin or gloss.


Our digital printing partner use a state-of-the-art Swiss flatbed printer. The Q Print technology delivers extremely high-resolutiuon printing and the 3.2x2m flatbed offers enormous scope. Inks are UV-curable and one covered with the Bates Ultraglaze, provide long-lasting, durable prints.


VOC-free paint

The UV-curing technology of Ultraglaze uses VOC-free paints for cleaner air. The process uses ultraviolet light to cure the paint – a photochemical process that binds the pigments. Coatings are instantly dried on the line with no subsequent VOC emissions.


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If you want to put CanvasCoat in your next project, get in touch with us. CanvasCoat is an indent product with a three-week lead time and available exclusively through Bates Surfaces.