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Prefinished Cabinetry Panelling

PanelWhite is a thin single sided White UV Satin coated MDF cured using Bates Surfaces’ unique UltraLight™ Technology. Its makeup is acrylic, so it contains no chlorine or heavy metals, making PanelWhite an eco-friendly alternative to other panel overlays such as vinyl.

The unique UltraLight™ Technology makes PanelWhite a durable prefinished surface that’s ideal for cabinetry backs, draw bottoms, kitchen backs, infill panels for sliding wardrobe doors, door skins, exhibition panelling, counter and bar fronts, desk surfaces and office screens and non-structural/non fire-rated interior wall linings.

PanelWhite is designed with overcoatability, so you can use as a pre-finished panel and paint your colour of choice.

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PanelWhite is available in the nominal sizes of 2440x1220mm and 2440x915mm and a range of thicknesses – 3mm, 4mm and 4.75mm. 

Other specifications are available on request, with minimum order quantities.

Where to Buy

PanelWhite is available by contacting Bates Surfaces on 0800 269 251, email info@batessurfaces.co.nz or contact one of the PanelWhite distributors:


14 Barmac Place

East Tamaki

Auckland 2013


Phone: 09 253 9027

Independent Building Supplies

1/7 Fraser Road

Mt Wellington

Auckland 1741

Phone: 0800 367 759