Surface coatings innovators

Our ongoing focus is on future proofing, product durability, eco-friendliness, and design. We have stayed at the forefront of product innovation to become New Zealand’s largest and most respected coatings manufacturer.


Prefinished panels for faster, smarter building

The building industry is gearing up for prefabricated housing and modular panelling to simplify construction. Factory-coated panels for architectural application means fewer trades and faster completion. From plywood to cement sheet to hardboard, we partner with board manufacturers to create new and increasingly innovative products.


Higher-quality surface coatings

With over 60 years in the business, we have the knowledge and technology to create surface coatings with better wear, scratch resistance, and colour fastness. Bates has set the standard in New Zealand for interior panel surface coatings and is a long-term partner to some of the largest product manufacturers in the country. We deliver the durability that can be achieved only in a controlled factory environment.


Environmentally friendly technology

We are very conscious about environmentally friendly business practices. From recycling to minimising waste to our power usage, every effort is made to lower our carbon footprint. We have invested heavily in ultraviolet (UV) curing technology, which uses VOC-free paints for cleaner air. Read more about our UV technology.


Decorative finishes

In addition to solid colour, matt, and high-gloss paint finishes, we offer a range of decorative finishes for panels. Digital printing, staining, clear polyurethane, textures, and embossing ­– bring your ideas to us and we will help you develop unique products for new markets.